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      March / April 2020 ISSUE
      Roadways To Profitability

      Whether it's investing in the latest machinery for new manufacturing methods, forging relationships to build traction in new markets, or innovating programs to create a modern workforce pipeline for a USA supply chain, paths to profitability are clearing the way forward for American-made in the future. Read the full story.

      Functional Fabrics

      Performance Plus

      While brands and consumers alike appreciate functional fabrics — offering performance benefits such as odor control, moisture management, and weather protection — many are starting to question exactly what kind of mad science goes into them.
      ?Read the full story.


      The Whole Package

      With an increasing number of cities and municipalities eliminating the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam at retail, both consumers and companies are thinking more about how they package and transport products.
      Read the full story.


      Bringing the Heat

      How to keep warm in cold weather has challenged the best and the brightest in the business over the decades, inspiring advances in insulation materials, strategic layering, engineered fibers and smart yarns. Read the full story.

      Swift Industries’ Martina Brimmer

      Up Cycling

      Fresh off of a five-day gravel bike camp full of technical descents and pace-line practice in Elgin, Arizona, Martina Brimmer reflects on how much adventure cycling — and her business — means to her. ?Read the full story.

      Out of Context

      Post Lockdown Vagabonds

      Recently I penned this letter to my governor; the textile industry might find it of interest as well: Dear State of Colorado,Without being histrionic, I think we should consider that this coming summer could be the biggest Colorado tourist travel season in history, by far... Read the full story.

      MAde in america

      Domestic Manufacturing Fit for Today

      When Jaclyn Jones wanted to launch her namesake brand in 2015, finding a factory in the U.S. that would take her on was no easy feat. Now, not only does Jones manufacture her Jaclyn Jones USA product line of shoes, she owns the factory that makes it. ?Read the full story.

      January / February 2020 ISSUE

      Functional Traveler

      If it feels like contemporary society is in constant motion, it’s because it’s true. Whether for business or adventure, travelers continue to up their game; execs nowadays hit multiple cities in a day for meetings, crisscross continents within a week for trade events, and rack up sky-high frequent flyer miles annually. Read the full story.

      Cotton Industry

      Industry Outlook

      From rising tariffs to falling demand, and from sustainability issues to supply chain ethics, the cotton industry is currently dealing with a perfect storm of challenges. Amidst these difficulties, the “fabric of our lives” is determined to improve future prospects from field to marketplace. Read the full story.

      Vionic Pro Footwear

      Sole Diagnosis

      Just because folks work in the medical industry it doesn’t mean that their shoes need to look orthopedic. The same goes for service industry employees who would appreciate footwear that is serviceable yet stylish. We recently caught up with Vionic Pro execs Laura Nogueiro and Taylor Leaf to chat about creating... Read the full story.

      In The Market

      Retail Refreshed

      From Portland, Oregon to Princeton, New Jersey and from Manhattan to Munich, brick-and mortar-storeowners are re-thinking how to attract and engage today’s shoppers. Whether it’s a new spin on old-school concepts or bridging the gap between shopping and socializing... Read the full story.

      In The Market
      Made In USA

      Finding Traction

      News of factory openings and facility expansion, along with reports of ambitious growth plans and commercialization of leading edge, home grown product is gradually becoming the norm in the United States... Read the full story.

      Out of Context

      Insulated Reality

      It comes as no surprise that the list of recent store closures is populated with apparel retailers. These stalwart merchants have satisfied thousands of customers who throughout the year perused their racks, used their dressing rooms, and showed up at their sales events. Read the full story.

      Unique businesses

      Small Companies,
      Big Ideas

      In an industry that can be dominated by huge conglomerates, small – and even tiny – companies are standing out by presenting innovative ideas. Here are three notable names currently on our radar. Read the full story.

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